Steps to Take When Charged With a Crime

If one is charged with a crime, the criminal justice system can be a very scary and complicated system. There are a variety of parties involved with a criminal case such as defense attorneys, prosecutors, and judges. If you are charged with a crime, it is important to know what steps to take to ensure that your rights are protected.

1. If you are charged with a crime and find yourself sitting in jail, the first step to do is get a bail bondsmen to bail you out of jail. Once you are no longer in jail, you will have the ability to effectively deal with the criminal charges. It is important not to speak to the authorities until you have retained an attorney because any information you give can be used against you in trial.

2. Once you have been released from jail, you need to find a high-quality attorney to represent you. It is never recommended to represent your self in a criminal trial. A defense attorney will know all of the ‘ins and outs’ of the legal system as well as the legal process. The lawyer you choose will be one that can effectively convey your side of the case, and will be involved in communicating with the prosecutor, witnesses, expert witnesses, and gathering evidence and preparing the case for the criminal trial. Ask the attorney if he or she was once a criminal a prosecutor. A former criminal prosecutor will know exactly how the prosecution of the case will unfold. The attorney should have experience in criminal law.

3. Once you have located a defense attorney, call and make an appointment. You will normally have a consultation appointment that is often free. There you will discuss your case and present your side. It is important that you ask the attorney questions about their knowledge and experience in criminal law as well as your particular case.

If you cannot afford an attorney, you are entitled to a legal aid lawyer. When you apply to Legal Aid, you must provide financial information so they can determine whether you are eligible for aid.

4. Not every criminal case goes to trial. It may not be in your best interest to go to trial. In this case, you should have a defense Lawyer that can negotiate a plea. The attorney will be able to explain your options and work on your behalf to get the best plea deal.

5. Trial can be a complicated process. If you go to trial, the defense lawyer will be responsible for gathering all evidence that includes the prosecution’s witness list, prosecution’s evidence, your witnesses, expert witnesses… etc. Your attorney will also prepare for the case, prepare your witnesses, and present the case. It is important to have a criminal defense attorney with wide-ranging experience trying cases in front of a jury.

The most important step one should take when charged with a criminal act is to hire an experienced defense attorney. An attorney will guide you through an often complex criminal process.

Organized Crime Funding and Operational Development

Any organization, legal or illicit, has high costs, fixed and variables, for the operations, needing money for the development of their activities. In general terms, in the world of the organized crime the liquidity of money is one of the main concerns.The illegal activities carried out by the sub-world of the organized crime generates, for system, with more or less frequency, bulky monetary affluences to the criminal organizations, being the level national or transnational.

International organisms have, for instance, dear that the groups mobsters” activities generated, in the year of 1992, incomes in about a thousand million U.S.D in Hungary, 2 to 3,5 thousands millions in the U.S.A., 3 thousand million of stories in the space of E.U., 5 thousands millions in Japan.

From where are these incomes? Of illegal activities as drugs traffic, weapons black market sells, exploration of the ” protection payments” (“racket”, extortion), of the exploration of contracts in public construction buildings or structures, from smuggling of several products, from gambling, among others.

Also there is a group of legal activities as businesses involving companies, casinos, financial institutions . They to do the wealth and money to circulate and somehow to justify the incomes obtained by the organizations in an illicit way. It is the camouflage methodology.

Still, the structures of organized crime stops the legal control and they explore a “black market” (national or transnational), illicit, that it allows the change of a wide variety of products and services: forged money for drug, weapons for nuclear technology, cocaine, heroine, and others But they also explore the finance market legally instituted, namely for consummation of their second financing methodology: the money laundry.

For money laundry is understood that each group realize operations, mainly financial that consist of moving away the obtained wealth from the original illegal source, turning it “clean”, to the eyes of society, monetary masses of money that, in the origin, are “dirty”, because they were obtained by an illicit way. As example, the “Cartel of Cali” that, in ended in the eighties, it whitened 57 million dollars – of which 36 million were in Europe – through the creation of countless ghost – societies and of consecutive movements of deposits in 268 braches in 118 banks of Europe, U.S.A. and Panama).

This amount is capable to be (reverse) invested, without any suspicions, in any economic or commercial industrial or financial activities of the current market, working the criminal organizations then as true business “empires.”
Like this, the camouflage activities (regarding not only persons, but also business) and the money laundry (that refers, normally about 30 to 50% of the global incomes obtained by the organization) as a result of multiple other previous illegal activities, always generators (also) of incomes, they represent another of the aspects more significantly common of the organized criminality, in covered financing.


The inherent common denominators THE STRUCTURE, SAFETY and FINANCING of the criminal organizations already allowed characterizing the organized criminality.
Still in relationship to a large part of the organized crime (except partly, the terrorist organizations), we can find another common element: the type of Operational Development.
The Operational Development of the activities of organized criminality settles down, usually, according to the following vectors:
a) Extent of national, international and transnational action;
b) Permanent Operational and stabilized, with concerns of tactics and of strategic order;
c) Conjugation of legal businesses and illicit businesses;
d) Chronological Interface and multiple accomplishments of crimes.

The operational development of the organized criminality has these factors.

a) – the reason of being of this criminality type is inside the enlarged extent of territorial activity and permanent organization and stabilized in the prosecution of the criminal activities;
b) – the reason of effectiveness of the organizations, for besides the execution of their objectives I (namely, the economical profits), is into in their flexibility face the deterrent circumstances, in dynamics of tactical and strategic articulation in the capacity of dissimulation of the illicit financing sources (illicit businesses), through the creation and maintenance of licit businesses (real or simulated) that, allow to justify and to “clean” the obtained global profits.

At the level of the businesses illicit/crimes, are strategies those that, best allows the “normal” prosecution of the activities of financing of the organization. The practices of the corruption, covering, a traffic of influences and control of the authorities are usual and typical.

The organization strategically to mislead difficulties and to avoid (larger) threats to the operational development of the activities chose as tactics for the organization to obtain profit, by e.g. traffic of drugs, the extortion and kidnappings, traffic of weapons (or, now, also, the one of nuclear products), smuggling, among others.

The legal businesses more “sought” by the criminal organizations are spread in several sectors, as: the finance market (e.g. detention and/or participation in credit institutions, leasing societies, brokers.) and the market of capitals – preferred by excellence for practices of bulky operations of money laundry -, the casinos a, hotels, the building societies and other businesslike import – export firms (often based in taxes paradises – off – shores).

Actually, the infiltration of the organized crime in legal businesses constitutes an additional tactic for effective reduction of the risk of detection of the net, for the covering and legitimating the incomes produced that, like this, less suspicions get up as for it’s ownership. Still, the insert in activities and legitimate commercial operations, namely at the international level, offers to the criminal organizations the possibility to use the legal circulation and transport of products for part of their illicit cargo.

c) – The criminological reason of the organized crime is partially, in the multiple accomplishment of illicit and, the criminal interaction.

The operational development of the nets of organized crime give priority to the practice of multiple illicit criminal, be in the optical of safety expressed in:
– crimes of corruption;
– traffic of you influence;
– threats,;
– crimes of homicide, corporal offenses, coactions and threats,
– Drainage of incomes;
– crime of money laundry;
– falsifications ;
– Tax frauds.
In another perspective, for the great majority of the criminal organizations, in their practices have a permanent and stabilized type of crimes, as for instance drugs smuggling associating in the

Why You Must Hire A Professional Lawyer For Your Legal Cases

A Sex Crime lawyer Fort Myers who has many years of experience must be hired by the individual who is alleged to have seriously infringed the constitutional right of another person. One of the rights the constitution behests to every individual is the right of life. A person who murders is considered to have infringed the right of life of another person. People who commit sex crimes are considered to have infringed the rights of victims by harassing victims. As a matter of fact, sexual crimes are called sexual harassment. A person can also commit a crime against a nation.

In a legal case, there is the victim and the alleged perpetrator of a crime. Before the judge comes up with a fair ruling, the perpetrator will be considered innocent. The constitution of most nations in fact says that one is innocent until proven guilty. The court refers to the alleged perpetrator as a defendant and the victim as a plaintiff. If the victim is a nation, the government of the victimized country will be a plaintiff. A nation will be victimized by one of its citizen who steals government money. A nation will also be victimized by a foreigner who tries to enter the country with banned drugs.

The individual who victimizes a nation in any way faces the wrath of government prosecution in court. When faced with government prosecution, an experienced Sex Crime Lawyer Cape Coral will be the only hope. One of the task an experienced attorney has to carry out is to outline to a person the legal consequences associated with a particular kind of crime. Crimes that involve dealing with banned drugs normally attract life imprisonment. However, in some drug related cases, defendants are normally acquitted of wrong doing.

To be acquitted for criminal wrong doing, there has to be strong evidence to support dismissal of the charge. A charge will be dismissed if there is enough proof to show that one is not the individual who actually committed the mentioned crime. Poor police investigations may also cause case dismissal.

Murder is the intentional or unintentional killing of one individual or many people. Unintentional killing is classified as manslaughter. A manslaughter sentence will be less severe than that of cases where people or an individual were intentionally murdered. Intentionally killing that involves killing based on racial prejudice or tribal prejudice is called genocide. If you find yourself in a legal predicament where a crime is involved you need the absolute best representation. A domestic violence lawyer Fort Myers is a great tool that you can use to help you gain advice and also to get a lesser degree of punishment. An assault lawyer Fort Myers will be able to provide you with the answers that you have been looking for and a consultation can be very insightful, you may also want to seek out a drug trafficking defense lawyer Fort Myers if your case falls within that category.

Overall you must find professional, reputable and experienced law services to assist you with your legal battle, otherwise you may not receive your desired outcome from the case.

Best Crime Novelsfrom Famous Authors

Crime fiction novels are related to the literary. Generally they deals with crimes, their detection, criminals, and motives that are usually divided from mainstream fiction and other such as historical fiction or science fiction, but the boundaries are fully defined. In most cases, crime novels include suspense and mystery elements nearly ubiquitous.

Crime fiction has several subcategories

* Detective fiction stories
* Courtroom drama stories
* Hard-boiled fiction stories
* Legal thrillers stories

Detective Fiction Stories:

Detective story is related to crime and it resolve around investigation of crime case. These stories have investigation process and detective person also. In the beginning of the novel, a crime is introduced and after that it seems like the perfect crime. The detective works to gather clues, and may at times seem like he or she is making mistakes. In some other novels, the wrong person is introduced based on just a little evidence. Finally the detective begins to piece together the crime and usually because of some unexpected event and finally the detective reveal the crime story and finds the person who committed the crime. The audience is challenged to solve the crime by the clues provided before the detective reveals the answer at the end of the novel.

Count room Drama Stories:

This type of story includes story about the crime which is happened in closed room or locked room. In this story author involves a detective. First detective detect the clues about the crime and then proceed to find the criminal. Finally he or she reveal the mystery of the closed room or locked room crime.

Hard-Boiled Fiction Stories:

Hardboiled fiction is a literary or story which is generally that shares some of its characters and settings with crime fiction especially about detective stories. These stories derived from the romantic traditions which are related to the emotions of unpleasant, fear, excitement, wonder, horror and terror, hardboiled fiction deviates from that tradition in the detective’s cynical attitude towards those emotions. The generally typical protagonist is a detective, who daily witnesses the violence of organized crime that flourished during Prohibition, while dealing with a legal system that had become as corrupt as the organized crime itself.

Legal thrillers stories:

Thriller stories are related to suspense, excitement, best twists. Thrillers are a generally related to fiction in which tough, resourceful, but essentially ordinary heroes fight against villains determined to destroy them, their country, or the stability of the free world. Often it is associated with spy fiction, war fiction, adventure and detective fiction.

IN crime fiction novels there are so many fictions related novels available in market. There are so many best and popular crime fiction books are listed below

 The Women in White
 Strangers on a Train
 The Daughter of Time
 The Complete Sherlock Holmes
 The Murder of Roger Ackroyd
 The Madman of Bergerac
 The Nine Tailors
 Miss Smilla’s Feeling for Snow
 In Cold Blood

These all novels are having stories about crime or suspense stories which are happened in locked rooms. Now these novels and story books are available in online.